Night time skin routine

Since i’ve been sticking to a regular skincare routine my skin has improved a lot. After the stress of college my skin was breaking out and from wearing a lot of makeup each day caused redness, along with under eye circles from those late nights.

 To clear and help my skin get back to its usual state i decided to put together a skincare routine which i would do every night. It was then, i made a promise to myself to take my makeup off every night – No sleeping in makeup for me! 


Cleaning your skin of any bacteria and makeup is vital to keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. Any left over makeup clogs pores, causing more breakouts which is never good. I always use Liz Earle cleanse and polish, i live by it, because i love that you can get a good cleanse even without double cleansing whilst the muslin cloth gently exfoliates. 


Toning gently removes oils and heavy skincare product like sun cream. Along with rebalancing the skins PH levels. This is great if you want extra cleansing. 

I use two toners/ lotions. For the face i am currently loving the Lush ‘Breath of fresh air’ toner along with Eye bright lotion by Liz Earle to remove any extra mascara/ eye liner which was missed while brightening my dark circles from those late nights! 


Your moisturiser alone only penetrate to the top layers of the skin, but with the help of a serum it helps your moisturiser work ten times better by absorbing to at least five extra layers of skin, so if your struggling with finding a good moisturiser then try using a serum. Again, i like to use two one for my face and the other for eyes. I use Lancome’s Genifique and the Light Pearl as they both help to maintain my skin and helping to keep its glow.

Night moisturiser

Night creams are slightly more active compared to day creams and does not contain SPF (As its not in daylight). This is because your skin can take time to repair itself hence why the night creams are more active. I’m not going to recommend a night cream i am using because in all truthfulness, i havent actually found one i am in love with. I dont want to just throw products at you, i wasn’t to recommend products i love! 

Lip Scrubs/ Creams

Night is the best time to help those dry, chapped lips from the days environments and adventures, By using a lip scrub. For years now i have been in love with the mint lip scrub by Lush as you can lick it off afterwards and taste delicious! To treat them, i follow with the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to restore and soften the lips.


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