Quenching Mineral Mask | First Impressions

The other day, i was browsing the skincare world to see what was on the market, and i picked up the Mineral Mask by Vichy. I’ve started to get into more ‘fresh’ products which aren’t thick creams or complex.The vichy mineral mask is known as a watery gel which is full of vitamins like B3.

When i opened it, i found that it was such a thick water texture. I couldn’t quite get my head around it at first and couldn’t wait to use it! The idea is that you apply a layer of the mask all over the face and after five minutes, rub in the rest of the product into the skin and rinse. As soon as i applied it to my face i could feel the cooling effect, and my skin felt fresh and healthy.

I am loving the feeling after using it, I feel like I’ve had a massive detox as my skin feels so refreshed and brighter looking, without the use of using hundreds of products. I can feel myself using this in the morning occasionally to help my skin feel better after those late nights!


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