Why you shouldn’t work in your bedroom

‘A place to relax and escape’ 

I hear so many, say that they work in their bedrooms which sounds great does it? A comfortable bed, the TV on in the background, with no need to move for hours on end. I used to be the same, i loved that could wake up and staying in my pjs till the afternoon doing any work which needed to be done. Well i have realised that we shouldn’t be doing our work in our comfortable bedrooms, as we will associate that room with sleeping and working, this is probably a reason why some can’t sleep at night, because the room is full with working thoughts.

Your bedroom is a place to escape from the day thoughts, including your work. As soon as you walk in you should be able to take a deep breath and have fresh, relaxing feelings. 

Take a place, whether thats an office, in the garden or like me, a conservatory. Just ensure that is has a comfortable upright chair and a table to spread everything out on. Doing this, will actually help you feel more motivated which is always a bonus! 

Where do you work? What helps your productivity levels? 


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