An Autumnal Morning

Never too young for pumpkin carving! This year its Mickey and Minnie mouse!! 

I promise i wasn’t moody when i took this, Haha! 

When you wake up and the crisp morning air hits your face. It’s time to make yourself a hot
beverage. This morning I chose a cup of tea, along with a good book. At the moment I’m reading
The girl in the red coat by Kate Hamer, I definitely recommend it!
I feed my cat, Tefia a few biscuits to help her settle for her morning nap, whilst I gaze out the
window and enjoy the Autumn view of coloured leaves, the slightly damp ground and the birds
getting ready for a cold Winter.
Take some time out of your day to admire Autumn, as it will be gone in no time, and we shall be
getting ready for the ‘C’ word. (Chrsitmas!). 


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