Friction Free Shaving

‘Shaving doesn’t have to be a drag. Just change your blade each week’ 

Whilst scrolling down my Twitter feed, I found out about a subscription service called Friction Free Shaving, a company who send out high quality razors each month right to your door. They have even made the packaging so small that it fits through your letterbox without having to answer the door to your postman with bed hair and no makeup!
85% of women do not change their razor blades each week causing bacteria build up and rashes but with the help of Friction Free Shaving you will receive four razor blades a month, leaving you to change your blade each week. If you find you have blades left over – Don’t worry because you can postpone your subscription until you have caught up!
I bought Samantha the rose gold handle with five blades. I never thought a razor could look pretty but this is just beautiful. Samantha is £7 a month which is there most expensive range, but still, that’s much cheaper than getting your razor each week from the supermarket! They also do two other subscriptions which are £3 and £5 so they are suited for everyone’s budget!
With the help of Samantha my body is so smooth and rash free, just in time for my holiday!

*This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to show you this amazing subscription.


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