Travel Essentials – Carry On

Just over two weeks ago Jade and i decided to book our first holiday. Going into the travel agents and only saying the dates which we were free was defiantly a new experience for me! Even the lady was a bit shocked with our reply of ‘we don’t mind where we go we just want to go somewhere’. I would highly recommend booking your holiday last minute as it was lovely because we could get excited straight away as it wasn’t six months away! 

We will be flying to the Canary Islands, Tenerife, it’s so exciting! 

I thought i would do a two-part packing post today showing my Carry on and on Saturday my suitcase essentials. 

Beauty Bag: 

In case i loose my suitcase i like to pack some of my essentials to ensure i am well prepared, also it helps if i want to freshen up at the airport like taking off my makeup or brushing my teeth. 

Packing list: Shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, razor, lipstick, mascara, nail file, cleanser, hair clip, hand gel, hair ties, necklaces, makeup brushes, tooth brush, tooth paste, cotton buds/pads, shower gel,  foundation, blush, hair brush, body lotion, breath spray, wet wipes, tissues. 


The other day i bought the most beautiful travel organiser from Cath Kidston, it has different sections to ensure you keep everything in one place. I also keep some spare money in here too just to be on the same side! I recommend taking photos of all the tickets, documents so you have a second copy. Bring a pen, as I’m always that one when it comes to signing something and theres no pen.

Packing list: Any documents, tickets (English and currency), money, passport, EHIC card, phone.

In-Flight entertainment and comfort:

Depending on how long your flight is, you will need some kind of entertainment or if you don’t want to be carrying round hundreds of magazines etc then sleeping and window/ people watching is always a good way of passing the time, hence why i’m that weird one who wears an eye mask on flights. Also investing in a good portable charger is handy for your phone when using up the battery on snapchat or maps! I have this Juice one and it was a little more expensive but it charges up to six times as well as charging my iPad (Check if yours does, as not all of them charges iPads!) 

Packing list: Eye mask, portable charger, phone, earphones, iPad, magazine, book, any chargers. notebook, pen, fluffy socks.


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