Travel Essentials – Suitcase

Today we are talking about travelling, the second part to my ‘Travel Essentials’ two-part post. If you missed my last post, i was talking all about what key items to bring in your carry on bag when flying as at the end of this week i will be flying to Tenerife for a much needed holiday! Prepare for lots of photos and posts all about my trip when i come back! Don’t worry though, i have been super organised and scheduled up posts to go live whilst I’m away! *Pat’s self on back*.

Anyway back to my suitcase. I have bought a new suitcase from Debenhams and after talking to the woman in the shop, we decided as much as a black suitcase would go lovely with my monochrome wardrobe, trying to pick out or describe a black suitcase out of one hundred other black cases becomes a huge problem so that’s why its an orange/pink shade! 


As nice as the packaging is on your new day cream, try to decant most of them in to the travel bottles, i know this is obvious but this is actually a comment for myself because i am that person who because i like that packaging i will bring the whole 400ml bottle of toner! 

Packing list: Cleanser, toner, serum, day/night cream, eye cream, bb cream, mascara, brow gel, blush, lipsticks, shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush/paste, mouthwash, mints, breath spray, rings, necklaces, body lotion, razor. 


Okay so how many times have you gone away for a week, planning to take 7 outfits, then a spare but end up bringing 35 different outfits, you know, just in case! 

Well even if your as clumsy as me, you wont need all those clothes! I’m sure one of those outfits will work for two days if there was an emergency pasta and sauce problem! 

Try (I know its hard to cut your beautiful wardrobe down) but just see if you can bring 7 outfits if your staying for a week, then one dressy outfit for the night. Those two pairs shorts which look very similar, could you just the one and make it work for both days? 

Packing list: Tops, shorts, trousers, jacket, dresses, pants, bra’s, coat, sunglasses, hats, bikini, PJ’s, loungewear for flights. 


Packing list: Trainers, flip flops, pumps, heels.


Before you leave, check if your hotel provides a hairdryer, if so that means room for something else! Same with an iron, towels. and kettle. 

Packing list: Plug adaptors, chargers, iron, kettle, hairdryer, towels.


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