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I was lucky enough to be invited along to another event at Lush in Exeter, to see their gorgeous Christmas range! We arrived to drinks, and a selection of treats and were onto the first area of their bath products.

We were shown Shoot For The Stars, a bright blue water turning bath bomb, with magical gold stars. This honey scented bomb is full of Cocoa Butter and Bergamot Oil to refreshing and condition the skin. 

Another shown to us was So White. It may look like a plain white bomb but it has a lot to offer! As soon as it hits the water white, thick foam will fill your bath with Bergamot Oils and Rose scents calm you after a long day. Move the foam away and you’ll see your water has turned to a neon green shade – How refreshing! 

One of my new favourite bath bombs called Never Mind The Ballistics is a sweet lime and orange scented one. If i remember rightly this has half bath bomb and the other is a bath melt. So this is a two for one bomb, filled with fresh banana and Cocoa Butter which is nourishing for the skin.

So White Bath Bomb

Never Mind The Ballistic Bath Bomb

Northern Lights Bath Bomb
Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

The next area we were shown were the shower range, showing us all their Christmas shower gels, soaps and body conditioners which i am intrigued to try! 

Lastly we played around with Lush’s skincare products! This year, they have come up with some fun products, like the Papa Noël Face wash jelly which is great for when you feel like you need some beardy love Haha! 

After buying the So White and Never Mind The Ballistics bath bombs, they were so lovely in giving us all a goody bag at the end of the night which included: 

– Candy Mountain bubble bar

– Santa’s Post Box soap

– Reindeer & Robin fun

-Northern Lights bath bomb

– Sleepy body lotion

-Bûche De Noël fresh cleanser 

As you can see they spoiled up rotten, and keep your eyes peeled for reviews of some of these products! 

*Thank you so much to Lush for hosting the event and getting all us bloggers together for some Christmas fun! 


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