My Sick Routine

Recently i have been sick, so i thought i would do my sick routine, including a few things i do to help myself to get better, or at least ‘feel’ better. Being sick isn’t glamorous by any means but this can be our excuse to have those lazy days with no makeup.

There are so many tablets and medicine’s on the market, they are covering our TV screens in fact, which ones actually work? Well over the years i have been through many different types due to not finding one that actually makes me better. This time i was told by a friend to use Beechams, a tablet to help cough, sore throats and more. She recommended using it before you actually started being ill, so i started taking them as soon as i started getting a sore throat and could feel like something was coming along!
I was told by my Dentist that mouthwash doesn’t just help clean my teeth and give me fresh breath, it actually stops spreading  your illness to others so as much as it hurt my sore throat, it was helping others!

For my birthday a few weeks ago, i asked for the BetterYou Magnesium flakes for your bath. They help with aches and muscles, along with replacing the body’s levels of magnesium. This is also great because you can make a foot bath with these after a long day!
My last and obvious point, is to drink like theres no tomorrow, ideally you should be doing this anyway but i try to drink away my illnesses!


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