My Top 3 Coffee Table Books.

I do love a good book which sits of my coffee table, i can just pick it up, flick to a page and read. Sometimes i get in those moods where i don’t want to read a novel. Sometimes i like an ‘easy-read’ book. Yes, i mean pictures! This is a great opportunity for a digital detox as its a chance to turn the electronics off, shut yourself away from all the craziness and relax.

I have three recommendations for which i like to leave on my table for a ‘pick up read’.

Estée Lalonde Bloom

My most favourite book, about finding you, she shows that its okay to have a few lumps and bumps along the way but the key is to find yourself. It shows Estée’s story of finding love, making friends and it’s made me laugh, cry and give me confidence that everything will be okay.

How to be Parisian

A vintage style book, a lovely light read i actually read this by picking up the book and randomly choosing a page to read, instead of the classic front to back. Featuring style, love and attitude of a french woman, which is inspirational.  

Elements Of Style

Erin Gates wrote this beautiful book sharing all her knowledge on interior design, showing how to dress rooms, colour palettes. Overtime i flick through this just makes me want to redecorate! 


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