Stripping, The new strobing

Sun-Stripping. Have you heard about the new version of strobing? Well if not, I’ll begin with
Strobbing which formed a few months ago and the idea behind it is that it was the new way of
contouring. Taking the high points of the face and highlighting them to help achieve that healthy
summer glow.

Now months later stripping has arrived to the beauty industry, to give you that sun-kissed look, it
take a while to get used to the idea but I feel when blended well it can work.

The finished look?
Where the sun usually hits the face causing a fresh, sun-kissed look. Start with a flat makeup
brush and add a bit of bronzer onto the brush, tapping off the excess.
Apply in one stroke from one cheek over the nose bridge and onto the other nose. Apply more
bronzer and repeat this step but starting with the other cheek. To stop it looking like you’ve
applied a stripe across your face blend in the edges of the bronzer.
It’s better to start with very little product on the brush and add more than needed than applying
loads and having to sit there for hours blending!

What’s your thoughts of stripping? Have you tried it? 


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