Top 3 Night Masks

It’s a cold, crisp night, you’ve had a long day and ready for a night of pampering. Along with a hot bath filled with bath bombs, then slathering yourself with body lotion. I know that many doesn’t want the hassle of a messy face mask, not being able to itch your face, washing off the product and transferring to your hair. Sometimes its great to have a facemarks which does more for your skin. I have recently be introduced to the world of overnight masks. 

Apply an overnight mask before bed as your ‘night cream’ then leave on all night while it works its magic to your skin. In the morning, just cleanse your face like you normally would. 

There are two masks which are from Lancôme and the other from Origins. One being Energy De Vie,  a cream-gel to boost the look for your skin, leaving you waking up looking awake and refreshed! 

Another is a hydrating mask, Hydra Zen is going to take your skin to a new level by the cooling gel, and giving you all the moisture you need throughout these cold, dry months!

Lastly, Origins Drink up mask is my life saver! After trying it at an event i went to earlier in the year, i am obsessed with this! This is more of a creamy texture which isn’t too thick to sleep in! 


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