A Perfect Christmassy Night In!

I know the feeling. It’s been a long cold day, your on your way home and just want a lazy evening watching Christmas films whilst drinking hot chocolate. I have had so many hot chocolates, some with cream, some with a spoonful of sugar and chocolate sauce drizzled down the sides of the glass, all in which are perfect for keeping cosy and warm.

I find that my TV makes a film so much better. Imagine watching Elf on a 80’s television with bad reception and a tiny screen. A high definition 4K television with the help of Panasonic will make your Christmassy films come to life with a crisp clear image, whilst being easy to use and taking your TV experience to a whole new level! Christmas films make everything better, whether your happy, sad, tired or just need a pick-me-up!
Some of my favourites include; Elf, a classic movie loved by everybody for a good laugh. I’ve just watched Home Alone for the hundredth time this year – it’s just so good! Although the first Home Alone will always be the best one!
The Grinch is honestly one of the best films, and when he is in his room getting ready, he’s literally just so relatable! ‘That’s it, I’m not going’.

Socks. When i was little i used to think getting socks for Christmas was slightly odd, but now i absolutely love getting them! When i’m watching my film’s on the big screen i always find myself grabbing the fluffiest of socks!

Surrounded by my Christmas decorations is so uplifting when watching TV, with my cat by the fire, whilst being wrapped in a blanket like a burrito! I love looking around watching the sparkles of the ornaments and tinsel when they catch my eye. I go all out with the decorations just because it makes me so happy to walk in and see my room come to life – I even have a dancing/singing gingerbread man!

*Sponsored by Panasonic – All views are my own. 


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