How to make the most of the Christmas sales

So last Christmas you told yourself that next year you’ll be organised and you’ll get all the Christmas presents by the beginning of December so your all organised eh?
Well i have put together a few tip and ideas to try to make it a little easier to make the most of the sales and get organised (Even if its a week before Christmas!).

Shopping Vouchers
Take five minutes to research online for shopping vouchers/codes for a percentage off, make sure you bring them with you then on the items you need, you’ll be able to get them cheaper.


Instead of getting pull in to a shop by its huge signs showing that they have loads of offers on things you dont really need, make a list of the items you would like to get and compare online (or in store) for making sure your getting the best price. Just because they have a huge discount doesn’t mean that its the best price so be aware!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way if you don’t like the whole Christmas shopping process, gift cards can be an easy way of giving a present and they will be able to get something they really want. 

Dont fall for it!

When you see signs saying buy two get one free, yet you only came in for one and would never wear the other two, then try not to get mind boggled by all these signs! You’ll actually be spending at lease £30 extra for two extra tops which are just going to be sat in your drawer. Compare and work out gift sets and if they are worth it, are you really going to use those extra two products for an extra £15, when its cheaper to get the products you want for half the price? 


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