My Lancôme Favourites

After my Liz Earle favourites post went down very well i thought i would do another about my top Lancôme Favourites. I have had more of a chance to try a lot more products so i couldn’t choose just four so i’m showing you eight products mixed with both makeup and skincare. 

La Vie Est Belle Perfume

I Have had so many compliments about this perfume i couldn’t ‘not’ mention them! I get people coming up to me and sniffing me, people shouting ‘who smells so good!’ on the train, it’s actually unreal! Get to your nearest counter because this is absolutely gorgeous, my favourites in the range are the original and the florale. 

Energy De Vie Liquid Moisturiser

A refreshing light moisturiser which helps energise the skin with the help of products like lemon balm and goji berries. A great ‘chuck me on’ product for those busy days also perfect for if your new to moisturisers.

Genifique Serum

I have used this product for nearly year now and its come to the point where i can tell when i haven’t been using it because it makes my skin look so radiant and healthy. This serum is for all skin types and helps you to have younger looking skin. 

Tente Idole Foundation

This foundation is my everyday foundation, it’s great for oily skin types too! It’s matte a finish and lasts for 24hrs! With its medium to full coverage, a thin layer can be great for everyday whilst you can retouch and apply more layers for an evening look without it looking cakey. 

Cushion Blushes

I haven’t really seen eye to eye with cream blushes in the past due to them coming off or looking uneven. As this is more of a liquid blush this applies naturally and with ease. Being more of liquid than a cream, you’d think that it would fall off so fast, but surprisingly it doesn’t move at all even after all day! 

Grandios Range

Grandios is a range recently brought out this year and it’s the products we love but with a huge twist or click!

Firstly the Grandios mascara, it’s twisted wand gives it ease to get right into the lashes leaving you with full, long lashes and giving you the false lash effect!

Liners can be the hardest part to apply, with a simple click and a think nib helps you to apply your liner with ease. After years of liner not being my forté, I now wear the classic cat eye most days!

L’Absolu Rouge

L’Absolu Rouge was reformulated into a beautiful, Chanel styled lipstick. With a click of the rose you can enjoy three textures of either matte, cream, and sheer in which all stay on for quite a while! I have done a full post here.


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