Organise your life

We’ve all been there, we try so hard, buy those gorgeous planners and a snazzy new pen so we can organise our life. After a couple of days we start to feel so smug because we are so organised and find that we can fit so much more into a day! 

Until a week passes. We forget to plan for a couple days and then feel like we can’t use the planner again because we haven’t been planning everyday or there’s a big line through your planner as something got cancelled so it looks ugly. 

I want to show you that this doesn’t have to be the case! 

Pretty notepad: 

Notice how I have put a ‘pretty’ notepad? Well your not going to keep organised whilst writing on the back of a used envelope are you? Grab hold of your favourite notepad, keep this for lists. To do, Christmas, shopping, or even a list of your lipsticks, just ensure that you keep in mind that this notepad is going to get messy, crossing things off etc. But that’s okay! 

Day to day: 

This can be a personalised opinion in which sort of day to day planner you would like to use. Some it’s just a calendar on the wall or a diary. For me I like to keep it digital. My life is digital due to blogging, I have my iPad with my at all times anyway so I might as well use my iPad to keep my day to day plans organised. Also when something pops up you can have a look there and then to see if you free! 

Get your outfit ready:

The night before, plan your outfit for the day ahead. Including accessories, shoes and even the little things like earrings, so it saves you time and energy in thinking of an outfit to wear. 

This brings me to my next semi point of getting your bag ready the night before as well to ensure your not leaving anything at home! 

Have days off:

Your probably thinking how is this relevant? Well having days off isn’t just relaxing, its a great chance in organising your life. We can get so caught up in life that we forget to get organised! Get the washing done, plan your next week/month, ring those family members you’ve not had time to do, and to catch up on anything which is needed to be done.


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