Skincare 2016 | Top 10

Here we are, ending a chapter of our lives. 2016 has been a busy year for me which i will explain and review in the upcoming post. This year i tried to branch out to new products which i wouldn’t normally go for. Yes, in that process, there have been some awful ones which haven’t been so great for me personally, but i have put together ten products which i have found myself grabbing and repurchasing over the past year. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Tan Spray’s

As pale as i am, I’m not really a big user of fake tan. This year i thought i’d move on one step from my gradual tan’s and use Garnier’s Ambre Solaire face and body tan’s to help me along a little with my paleness! I love that it looks natural yet doesn’t go patchy when you have worn clothes. Its great because you dont have to stand around naked either eating for the product to dry as it dries almost instantly! 

Lancome Visionnaire Yeux 

Glitter, Yep there is tiny gold flakes of glitter in Lancome’s newly formulated eye cream. Although the packaging looks a little on the cheaper side, the actually product is amazing! It reduces fine lines and wrinkle which i most defiantly have and need taking care of, along with having light reflecting particles to lighten any dark circles.  

Decleor Life Radiance 

I was given this as a gift from a work friend and i was actually leaving it on for about 30 minutes but i then realised that it’s a three minute mask. I love this because its a great pick me up from a long day whilst your making a cup of tea. When my skin is looking a bit dull, i can just pop this on and my skin looks brighter and more refreshed.

Lancome Genifique

I go on and on about this product but i just can’t get enough of it! I never really got into serums until i tried Genifique, it literally does everything, helps the skin along to looking more radiant, youthful, and makes my moisturiser work ten times better. 

Fricton Free Shaving Razor 

I have a full blog post about the Friction Free Shaving Razors here, so this will give you all the in’s and out’s with shaving bacterial free and with ease! 

Lush Sleep Body Lotion

After going to a couple of Lush’s event’s i wanted to make an effort in trying out more of there ‘skincare’ range like the moisturisers, toners, and scrubs. One product which has helped with my (Awful) sleeping patterns. Yes i tend to go to sleep very late and wake up early – I guess you could say i’m lucky that i am a morning and night person? This makes me so sleepy when i apply this all over my body, it’s the scent, its so soothing, even writing about it makes me want to lather myself in it! 

Garnier Ambre Solaire Oil

Another product from Garnier’s Ambre Solaire range. I bought this on one of those splurges of buying the first thing i saw because i needed some protection whilst on holiday but actually finding myself being obsessed. I am not usually a fan of oils as i often feel like a slimy slug! The texture of this is more of a dry oil so it sinks right in so no need to feel sluggish! 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

How much can a girl bang on about this? So i shall keep this short and sweet. Yet another year has passed and i’m still in love with this cleanser. Talk about taking your make up off whist gently cleansing and exfoliating your skin all in one quick and easy step.

Lush Buche de noel

I was actually kindly given this at a Lush event i went to a while back and i was a bit on the fence with the whole idea of a crumbly cleanser. I thought it would be hard to rub into a cleanser type consistency but with a little water, rubbing a pea sized amount in your hands feeds the skin with natural goodness! Normally i need to use a product for at least two weeks because i can see a difference but i could see my skin looked brighter and more radiant after just two days! 

Liz Are SuperBalm

Okay, so i admit that the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream is great and everything but its a little on the pricey side. i also feel its a little too thick. Since trying the Super Balm i have found that this is my new holy grail product. I always find myself grabbing this from my handbag, at home, anywhere in fact.


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