Weird Long Lasting Makeup Routine

My face is weird. You would think because i’m a beauty blogger that all day, everyday i wear makeup that looks as good as it would looks as i first apply it in the mornings. Yet, because my skin is weird, makeup slides off my face. Even double wear disappears after an hour or so. I have a bit problem especially with keeping foundation on my nose.
If you have the same problem, stop what your doing and grab an eye primer. Yes, you heard right, an eye primer. Apply your usual face primer avoiding your nose and any other places foundation falls of,  because in these areas, use a thin layer of eye primer (I use the Urban Decay in Eden as its a creamy thick formula).

After the two primers, i use a large powder brush and use the tiniest amount of translucent powder to set your primers. To take your makeup setting to the next level apply a couple of sprays of setting spray, and go ahead and apply a matte foundation. As nice as a glow, satin finish is, it just doesn’t stay put for as long as matte. (I use the Lancôme Teint Idole 24hr).
Then i will apply another thin layer of translucent powder and some setting spray. These few changes to your makeup routine may take about three extra minutes but will keep your makeup on for more than three extra hours!


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