Cut Crease Tutorial

This year i wanted to add something a little different to my blog to make it a little more unique. As some of you may remember i used to make my own videos on YouTube but lost confidence. I’ve had quite a few requests to do them but i thought making my own 60 second makeup videos to build up my confidence and get me back into the swing of things!

Today i am starting with the cut-crease eye shadow look which has been making an appearance over the makeup world. This is a great way to make the eye appear bigger and is a little something different to you average smokey eye. I wanted to show that it is possible to create this look with one eye shadow palette so today i am using one of my favourites which is the third palette from the Naked range by Urban Decay.

Firstly applying a base cream shade (I used Strange) all over the lid and brow bone, then following with a few darker pink shadows into the crease and outer corner of my eye to make my eyes appear more open and to create depth (Buzz and Mugshot). Now you will have your basic smokey eye. To turn this into a cut crease eye look, take an eye primer and use a makeup brush to get a smooth and crisp line up to the crease and out to blend in with your foundation. If you want to make this into an evening look feel free to pop a bright shimmer or glitter to the lid!
Finish with eyeliner and if your adding a wing, follow the line of the cut crease you’ve just made with the primer. With tips regarding applying eye liner; Practice, i know that sounds cliché but its true! This is a great chance to find a method which works for you as we all have our own, unique ways! Finish with a big mascara to tie the look together.


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