It’s okay …

It’s okay…

… If  your asking the person next to you to get up so you can go to the toilet

… If your card get declined at a petrol station and you have to abandon your car to get cash out. Been there, done that!

… To be absolutely in love with yourself when you feel sassy in that new dress

… To buy a new dress every time you get invited to a party. You can never have too many dress right?

… To spend too long flicking through the Netflix films for so long you dont’ have time to watch it

… If it’s 4pm and your still in you pj’s and haven’t done a thing on that ever lasting to-do list

… If you fall slightly whilst wearing heels and blaming it on the imaginary hole in the pavement

… When the reason you get up in the morning is because of your advent calendar at Christmas time

… If you spend 90% of your time dancing in front of the mirror instead of getting ready

… If you buy another mascara when you know you have over a hundred at home


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