Lush Valentines range – First Impressions

The other day i went into my local Lush store and seen that they had all there new Valentine’s range out! After drooling over the new, unique range i picked up four of the most unusual ones to show you in a blog post and to give my first impressions on them – Oh boy are they good!

Kiss me quick!  £2
I will start with the one i’m most excited about and that is the business wash card which you lather up in your hands with a little water and you can apply this all over the body. I was actually sold on this when i compared the woman’s arm in the shop because i’ve never felt skin so soft! Full of apples and lemon/lime oils to brighten and refresh your skin. Plus how cute is this, I just wish they did a bigger version!

Two hearts beating as one £3.95
Your essentially getting two bath melts for the price of one which in it’s self is amazing but i’m guessing if you pop them in together the two scents swirl together. With Ylang Ylang to help free the mind so great after those stressful, long days. If i remember rightly they are also filled with cocoa butter and almond oil which help condition and make your skin all silky and soft, even sat next to them makes me feel relaxed!

Lover Lamp £4.25
I love bath bomb which have bath melts in, as i feel like i’m treating my body to a two in one! I was a big fan of Lava Lamp for that reason! I actually picked this up because i’m in love with the scent. I think its mainly due to the Vanilla and Brazilian orange oil both make the most beautiful bomb ever. Perfect bath bomb for gifts too because its a well rounded and luxury bomb so men (or women!) take note of this!

Rose Bombshell £4.25
This was the first product they showed me and i was in love as soon as they said its a hollow bath both and is filled with petals, who wouldn’t fall for this! After you’ve popped it into your bath, the outer shell with rumble apart letting the petals glide out, balancing your skin leaving it feeling cleansed, And you guessed it, it smells of roses!


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