Valentine’s Lush Blogger Event

Last week i was lucky enough to be invited to go to another blogger event with Exeter Lush. This one was based on their Valentine’s range, showing us through hand massages and lots of demo’s! We all arrived to chocolate truffles, love hearts, Percy Pigs, and lemonade, which was presented so lovely on their ice mountain that normally holds the face masks. 

This is one of my favourites, as its a mixture of bath bomb and melts, making my skin soft as ever with cocoa butter and Brazilian orange oil. 

Lover Lamp

A white, refreshing bath bomb with mini heart confetti and small heart bath melts which fill your bath with sweetness of Vanilla.

The swirls are divine aren’t they! Over And Over

I got an opportunity to have a go at that signature Lush long distance pouring with the bubble bar called LoveStruck which is the heart eyed emoji! I’m actually quite proud that i only got a couple drops on the floor in the process! Adam was showing us his little talent of blowing a bubble with his fingers and bouncing it on his hands! 

Cupid A frothing bath bomb.

Throughout the night we were offered hand massages using the Kiss Me Quick business card, Prince charming and Love Spell Massage Bar which were quite literally ‘lush’! Our skin were the smoothest i’ve ever felt and they all smell gorgeous!

Lady Bug Bubble Bar
This is great because you can get many baths out of one bubble bar so your getting more for your money, plus you could break off his head (Sad i know) and have a purple bath or have his body and have a red bath! 

I enjoyed the night so much and it was lovely to meet new bloggers in a fun, relaxed environment. I loved being able to see all the products up close and see demo’s of each one to see them come to life so i could pick my favourites like Lover Lamp, Love Spell massage bar and Over and Over. After they kindly gave us a goody bag full of the Valentine’s range which i can’t wait to pop into my baths! Look out on my Snapchat (@hannabellexoxo) for demo’s when i use them! 

Thank you to Lush Exeter for being amazing and inviting us all over to delve into their Valentine’s range! 


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  1. The Nerdy Me
    February 6, 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Looks like such a fun and lovely event! I still haven't tried Lush products, haha. But I'm meaning to! :)-Leta | The Nerdy Me

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