January Favourites

Brow Gel
Earlier this month i got my hands on the brow gel from Lancome. After using the Benefit Gimme Brow for a long time i thought it was time for a change. The difference between them, is that the Benefit has a more natural shading but the Lancome gel actually keeps the brows in place a lot stronger whilst giving the hairs a light tint. I do still love both after trying both, just depending the look and activities i am doing each day.

Ultimate Blog Planner
I was scrolling through Twitter a while ago, i stumbled across the Ultimate Blog Planner and i ordered it straight away as i loved the whole idea of having one book where i can plan and organise my blog life. Since using this i have been on top of writing and taking photos of my posts in advanced and not rushing so much to get them up in time. 

Clarasonic Mia Fit 

 How on earth did my skin live without the Clarasonic i will never know! The osculating brush is ten times better than cleansing with just hand alone. I actually put this to the test by using a toner after and normally makeup would still come onto the cotton pad, but after using the Clarasonic the cotton pad was clean! I love that its so small and is fully waterproof so i can take it on holiday and can use it in the shower too! 


I have been spending the last month trying new tea’s after going round a friend’s house and giving me peppermint tea. I went out and bought Cleansing tea which is a refreshing tea to help make beauty come from within the body. Another tea i have been obsessed with just before bed is the Night tea, full of warming lavender which has really been helping with my crazy sleeping patterns!

Copper Milk Jug
 The fact that this milk jug is copper makes my coffee SO much better! I know this is really random but it makes coffee making in the mornings so much more luxurious and classy. It’s also the smaller size so it’s a lot cuter than the original sizing. 

Makeup Drawer Dividers
Another random favourite, i got these dividers to go in my Ikea Alex makeup drawers to organise my makeup because the drawers were getting so messy and it got to the point where i wouldn’t ever use the products at the bottom because it was too much effort to rummage around! I love that if i get more makeup i can move around the dividers around to fit. 


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  1. Amber Gregory
    February 6, 2017 / 8:19 pm

    I am definitely going to pick up some of the night time tea and see if it helps me sleep! Being a student my sleeping pattern is always all other the place!! Thank-you… Amber X

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