Top Hand Cream Duo

Our hands are one part of our bodies we tend to neglect the most, we use them for everyday jobs, washing them constantly (Clean-Freak problems!) and i don’t know about you but my hands look like they have been through the wars! I’ve never been a big fan of hand creams due to the after-math of the smeary marks i leave around the house, or feeling like the creams are just sitting on the top of the skin, not giving the results i want to achieve. I have found the perfect duo to help my hands feel and look amazing.

Lancôme Nutrix Hand Cream – £23 100ml

A nourishing hand cream, a little thicker than the average cream but that’s what i like about it because  you don’t need as much product, whilst sinking in the skin fast, so you can get on with your day without leaving finger prints on surfaces, it’s just a comfortable product to apply. I usually like to sit and massage this into cuticles so i can get the most out of the product. I mainly use this throughout the day, as i tend to use a lot of hand gel which dries my hands out.

Clarins (Left) – Lancôme (Right)

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment – £21 100ml   £27 200ml

After hearing so many good things about this hand cream and trying a sample i fell in love with this hand cream. I like that its more of a treatment so it work very well with the Lancôme cream which i use throughout the day. As my nails are quite brittle and weak, this helps that by strengthening and conditioning the nails. The texture isn’t greasy so i can happily go about my day, working in different ways to treat each part of the hand for it’s individual needs.


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