National Fragrance Day | #ScentMemories

I was flicking through Glamour magazine one night and saw that today (21st March) was National Fragrance day! Along with a hashtag ‘#ScentMemories’ | Your stories through scent.
This gave me an idea for a blog post to share my fragrance collection and my stories to go along with each one. Whether its a memory of what a fragrance reminds me of or something has happened whilst wearing it!

La Vie Est belle | Original
This is the scent i have been known for, within the past year. You could say i’m obsessed as i have gone through a 50ml and two 100ml’s of this perfume as i spray it so much! I have actually had people coming up to me on the train sniffing my shoulder whilst asking which perfume i am wearing and it always makes me jump just seeing someone from behind smelling me!

Ariana Grande | Versace Bright Crystal
These two are my tiny perfumes for my handbag which i got as part of gift sets. The Ariana Grande perfume is the scent i wore every day of 2015, i love the prettiness of the fragrance and very fruity. The Versace is another fruity and floral scent which i seem to be going towards recently as i find its more my scent style.

Next Sparkle
My sister gave me this perfume as a present on her wedding day and it’s slightly different to the other ones i own because its more warming and deeper, but still has that floral undertone. I keep this for when i travels the size is perfect.

Shay & Blue

This is actually liquid caramel which sounds lively doesn’t it! Its a slightly woody scent and lovely for those spring days as the weather starts to get fresher. I got this in my Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar and i found it lovely to try something completely different to what i usually go for.

DKNY | Red Delicious 

I’ve had this perfume for a few years now, and i would say its your classic ‘teen’ scent, you know? The fruity, raspberry/apple scent. The bottle is a little outdated i think but i still quite like it in my collection. 

La Vie Est Belle | Florale
I absolutely love the sweet floral scent of this perfume, so heavenly and pretty. Although i know it was made to be a light fragrance but i would love this in a parfum as it would be a little stronger, as the bottle never lasts very long for the amount i use!!

Jo Malone | French Lime Blossom
This is the freshest of my collection, being very pure and clean. I find this very refreshing and gives me a boost of energy when i wear it. I remember picking out my favourite one which i wanted to get as its the only product from Jo Malone i own and having each testing strip on the table in a row and taking around half an hour to illuminate and decide.

Jimmy Choo | Blossom
I had this perfume a lot when i was younger and i loved it, quite flirty yet so floral and beautiful. Whenever i wear this i feel like i’m 15 again, a warming yet, flowery scent. This is on the cheaper side of fragrances but i still love it. I love the square bottle too, such a classic shape to have on the side.

Lancome | La Nuit Tresor
When i first smelt this, i didn’t know what to expect. This fragrance just pulls you in, hitting you with raspberry and vanilla. My boyfriend loves this as well so you know its a lush scent when your man approves! The bottle is so gorgeous and classy, that i love to showcase it on my dressing table! This actually comes out at the end of this month so i recommend giving this one a sniff.

I would love to hear your #scentmemories and to share your stories! Feel free to comment them below or tweet me (@notanotherblog_).


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