Whitening Toothpaste

For the past 6 months I have been trying so many different toothpastes which make my teeth that bit whiter. Many of which haven’t done a lot at all really but for the past couple months I have been uses the Forever Bright Toothpaste

There is no fluoride in this product which at first concerned me as i have always known fluoride to be a good thing for keeping your teeth clean but this still does wonders for the teeth. I just keep the fluoride up with my mouthwash. 

The toothpaste itself is a dark green, which surprised me at first. I saw that me teeth looked healthier and whiter within two-three weeks, and the more I carried on using it, the more better results I got. You only need a pea sized amount every morning and night which meant the tube of toothpaste actually lasted longer than my usual one. 

One of the main reasons why love this, is because there is no faffing with lights or several steps. I just replaced it as my regular one step teeth routine so when i roll out of bed or late at night when i’m drifting off, i can refresh my mouth without having to spend ages whilst i’m in zombie mode! 

The taste of the natural flavourings of the product isn’t too overpowering that made my mouth feel very clean and fresh, along with my teeth feeling smoother. Full of Aloe Vera and bee propolis, this gentle toothpaste for all the family (Even pets!) whilst helping with inflammation and sore gums which makes this toothpaste an all rounder. 

I defiantly recommend the Forever Bright Toothpaste!  | Buy Here


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