Coffee Body Scrub

The big trend of Coffee for your body has been around for a while now and i have been desperate to give it a try! As you know i am a big fan of coffee so when i found that you can get some as a body scrub i was all ears. I was kindly given the Royal Coffee Scrub in the Tea Tree Flavour which for just under ten pounds, i think its very reasonable for a natural coffee scrub which will last for months, as i like to use it two to three times a week. 

It’s a fine grounded royal coffee with Tea Tree oil, avocado oil, and almond seed in, to help take care of the skin from the environment and pollution. When shaving my legs since using this product i have been seeing a dramatic difference in a smoother application, whilst evening out my skin tone and my skin looking a lot brighter! I was so shocked by how fast i got results as after just once night i saw a big difference. I actually find that i don’t actually need to use moisturiser as my skin feels so hydrated after using which surprised me as i thought that the coffee would be drying.

The scent of coffee and mint was quite over powering when i first opened the packet but i think thats because im not big on drinking coffee with flavourings. After drying into your skin, it fades leaving a light scent.

I know that when i run out of these packet i will be buying another as i am actually obsessed with this scrub. I love that all Naturelle Cosmetics are natural and that they have thought through each ingredient to ensure we achieve the best possible results. 

* Sometimes i am lucky enough to receive products, in return for my honest thoughts and opinions. 


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