Crème De La Crème | March

Beauty and the Beast Film

You’ve probably seen at the cinema recently that Beauty and the Beast is back with a slight twist. I absolutely loved it and i think it’s one of my favourite ever films. I loved how it was put together and it wasn’t too over done or extra fancy bits if that makes any sense.


Marble cushion | Coconut Lane


I was in need of a new cushion for my bed as my last one was quite old and had accumulated some foundation drops. I was searching the Internet for a marble cushion which wouldn’t break the bank and I have been an ambassador for Coconut lane for a couple years now and I saw that they did a marble cushion! I love that it’s slightly larger than the cushion I had there already and the high quality of the product!

Nude pink top | H&M (Similar)

If you know me personally you won’t have seen me in anything other than this top, probably because I have three of the same one as I love that it’s so classy yet easy to style. The low neck is a different cut to most, which adds a bit of texture to an outfit.



If you were reading whilst I was in college you will have seen a few of my illustrations here and there. I’ve been getting back into creating my own fashion illustrations. When drawing them I feel so calm and I can let all my creativity out. I’ve been using a pencil to sketch out the basic outline then adding the details win a fine liner.


Garnier Skin Active masks | Aqua

When I took a trip into Boots to see the latest releases, I came across these packet masks by Garnier, the aqua one sounded right up my street out of them all because i love the feel of a boost of freshness! Anything with water/ Aqua and refreshing catches my eye a lot recently. I have been using these as a mid-week boost of hydration and I actually see a big difference after application.


Super Liner Perfect Slim | L’oreal


When i create a simple, more natural look i don’t often want a thick liner. I recently bought the slim pen like eyeliner, which i have been so obsessed with using most days as it’s just so quick and easy to create that think flick. It’s also long lasting and i find it doesn’t smudge on me either.


Cream Eyeshadow | Max Factor

So I sent my boyfriend into town to get me a replacement for my gone-off Bourjois cream eye shadow, he came back with this Max Factor one in the shade Copper, I actually prefer it as its not so orange as the last one. I’m quite proud of him for his in fact! Cream eye shadows are just so easy to pop on in the mornings then blending a darker shade into the crease to add definition.


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