How I Like To Live A Relaxed and Happy Life

Mornings – I’ve always been a sucker for a cup of tea, i have been broadening my horizons so i have been loving green tea, apple and mint tea and cleansing teas. We have just updated our garden recently and i have been trying hard to spend at least 15 minutes every morning to drink tea and relax and enjoy the fresh air and i find that this has been improving my day.

Travel – One thing i am guilty for, is being late. When sat in traffic i would get myself so worked up and stressed because i’m going to be late. My way of thinking now is ‘Hey, i’m in traffic, there is nothing i can do now, stressing out is not helping what-so-ever. I could have left a bit earlier, i’ve learnt that for next time but right now, let’s have a caraoke moment to pass the time’
This might sound like i don’t care about being late but i understand the things i can do next time to avoid this, whilst i wait there is no point in stressing.

Clothes and things – Throughout the past month or so, i have been having a massive Spring clean of everything i own. I threw out so many bin bags it was ridiculous! Honestly, now i walk in my room i feel so refreshed and i feel like i’m walking into a completely detoxed and cleansed room – So refreshing!

3 Things – At the end of each day i like to try and take a moment with a cup of night tea and think of three things which made me happy throughout the day. This has been lovely to reflect on the day. You could even keep a happiness journal, where you write the date and the three things down, so you can go back through your journal when your having one of those bad days.

Hobbies – When you have something which you can call your own and that you can take time for you and the thing you enjoy doing by yourself. This could be anything from knitting to writing, just something that you love doing. Personally i have been loving drawing fashion illustrations.

You – The classic night to concentrate on you, having a little pamper hour is so relaxing and we all know a Lush bath bomb solves EVERYTHING! Time to make you feel and look a million dollars with a home-style manicure/pedicure, head to toe moisturised and you might even pop on a facemask!

Phone – Leave it alone, all that socialising can wait for an hour, all that negativity can let you be. I will admit that i am still working on this one but its to put down that phone and only go n it for when i actually need to do something like reply to an important text, emails – Not just to scroll and scroll…


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