My Favourite Glow Products

A while ago I found myself piling on some much makeup thinking that the more makeup which is on my face, the better. Within the past year or so I have been limiting the amount of makeup I use to give my skin that radiance and glow. I realise how much better it looks than caking my face up with as many layers as I could. I have been really happy with a few of the products I have been using to help enhance my feature and give a natural glow.

Firstly I have been using only ONE pump of foundation for the whole of my face. I was using at least three – Whattt! 

So I have been using a buffing brush and taking the time to blend, along with finishing off the base by pushing the foundation into the skin with a beauty blender. Of course each and every one of us will have different skin and one pump might get absorbed but for me personally foundation tends to sit quite heavy. This technique also helps with a bit of glow as well. 

I think after so long I have found my all time holy grail moisturiser, the Decleor Hydra Floral cream gel is beautiful and give my skin that healthy glow it needs instantly! It absorbs into the skin so fast leaving a fresh glowing base for makeup. 

I have been obsessing over the Giorgio Armani Light Master primer for a while now, even to the point I have stocked up so I never run out! This is different to any other primer I have used because it’s a creamy texture with a beautiful pink and purple colour to it and applying this alone and looking at the light just makes my skin glow so you can imagine what it’s like under foundation. Along with that I have been loving the L’oreal lumi Magique as this is completely different as its more of a white, silver colour and helps lift my skin when it’s feeling a little dull, I also mix this with my concealer for under my eyes to reflect my dark circles! 

I’ve always been eagle eyed for highlighters and I’ve loved the Dior rose gold highlighter in the number 002 for so long now and I’ve been too scared to use it as I wouldn’t want to use it up, it I managed to find a dupe of the Make Up Academy in Pink Shimmer. And if anything it’s a little more pigmented!

For masks I have been using the Garnier sheet masks once a week and have found that my skin drinks it up so much and is thanking me for it by giving me radiant skin along with the Genifique sheet mask which gives my skin a weeks worth of serum in one go! They are both so easy to pop on and have been helping my skin and makeup apply better. 


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