My Favourite Multi Skin Savers

I love a product which has multiple uses as then i won’t need to carry around different products for different problematic areas. I also find this is a great way to save money which is always a bonus! Have dry lips? Use a multi balm. Scratched your arm? Pop on some multi balm. Your eyebrows out of place? Shape them with a multi balm! 

I’ve tried quite a few over the years but i have found my top three multi skin savers.



I’ve been using this for months now and i was just reading the back as i was taking the photos and it said it great for frizzy hair and my first thought was ‘Wouldn’t it make my hair greasy?’ My hair looks like i constantly touch those electricity balls which make your hair go crazy but i just tried it and i can’t believe how good it is for taming my hair! I would just buy it just for that! I love how this is more of a light, dry oil formula as it’s not sticky at all. This is the balm i keep by my bedside to grab and slather myself in it just before bed. 



 After resizing their all purpose balm to a smaller size this is still one of my favourites, i actually prefer that because it fits in my handbag and is so much easier on-the-go. This is so soothing for when i get a rash on my legs after shaving and tones down any redness. I use this for everything during the day, i even used it to fix my zip on my coat! 



Eight hour is the cream of the three of my favourites as the others are balms. The Elizabeth Ardren cream has been all over the blogger world for years and loved by all because of it’s endless ways of use. I love to use this for more of a treatment for parts of my body, as i will apply a thick layer to my lips, elbows, knees and any scrapes, rashes and dry patches because i’m a lizard and a peach – Dry and Sensitive!


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