Tea for one please!

What inspired me to write this post was a new purchase of mine which is a gadget i have seen around for a while and had pondered on whether to get it. When i was away a couple of weeks ago i went into which looked like tea heaven. They demonstrated a few teas, one of my favourites because this gorgeous real rose tea, that they made in this tea maker with a twist.Add your tea leaves with boiling water, let the tea do it’s magic and then pop the T2 on top of the cup where it will just pour into your cup!


My tea collection has only grown within the last couple months as before i had the regular English Breakfast constantly throughout the day. I have adventured to quite a few herbal and tea’s which concentrate on things like detoxing/cleansing your body, targeting tiredness etc. I have these all throughout the year, apart from the Orange and Cinnamon which i keep for Autumn as it’s so warming in front of the fire whilst cuddled up in a blanket.

Detox, Cleansing, English breakfast, Earle grey, Orange and Cinnamon, Night, Boosting B6, Super Alert

Something which i love doing is picking a mug which i am feeling that day to help me enjoy my tea of choice. I find that Urban outfitters always have cute and unusual mugs. I do have a slight addiction to mugs, i have far too many but they cater for every mood and occasion!

As you can see i love a good tea gadget but strainers are always an essential, but of course, i cannot just have a plan style. I have two strainers, one being a cute rubber seal and the other is the official Disney mouse from Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse tea strainer, Seal strainer



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