Who’s the lady in lace?

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Since my last fashion post. I loved the outfit planning, each magical place where i would shoot. I’d love to say i’m a supermodel or a real Disney Princess who could look great laughing, but to be honest, i am most defiantly not, though it makes me happy to be in my body and it’s a heap load of fun!

Enough drooling, this beautiful white lace playsuit was probably the best sale item i have ever bought, as it was £30 down to just £11! The silky fabric is lightweight to its lush for those Summer days (Although as i’m writing this by a rainy window-side in a cafe). I have been on the hunt for some more chic outfits which are both day and night appropriate. The detailing is just beautiful don’t you think? 

The only slight problem was that you could see my underwear. Which girl, Isn’t the best! I actually bought one of those ski shorts from good old Primark in nude which i am able to wear underneath to hide them. I’m off to buy some the dress version along with the playsuit slip too!

Prepare for a lot more fashion related posts in the upcoming weeks, i am planning to do one a week to get back into the swing of things! (P.s If anyone wants to build up photography portfolios then i’m more than happy to collaborate!)


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