The S+ by Resmed | Helping get a better night’s sleep!

I was sent a very exciting product which i have needed in my life for a very long time.

My sleeping pattern is not great, i have had a problem for years, feeling tired throughout the day along with waking up a lot during the night and falling asleep up to an hour and a half after going to bed at night. I thought this was perfect timing to monitor how and what is going wrong.

The S+ by Resmed is a tracker which is connected to your phone through a bluetooth application.

After doing my research about the Resmed S+, it was time to put it to the test!
I was so excited to give this a try and i have been tracking my progress for a few weeks. I started by entering in all my details like weight, my lifestyle, my sleep, and my sleep environment. Even doing this made me really think and realise how much comes into a good night’s sleep.

Every night i set up the S+ and went to sleep, which i must say setting up was so easy, as you are connecting the phone, answering four basic questions about your day, followed by pressing sleep. You can even set your alarms through this app which will wake you at your lightest point of sleep in a time slot you choose. Other options are an area to clear your mind by writing/ recording anything in your mind, and sounds to help you doze off faster.

Its a classy grey and white tracker on a stand, so it sits on your bed side table with ease without looking out of place and fits with any interior style.

My results were very interesting as i found that i was waking up 15 times throughout the night. No wonder i was tired throughout the day! Each morning after you will be presented with a graph telling you how long you were awake for, light sleep, deep sleep and the amount of time that your dreaming for.

I personally found that i am a very light sleeper, who can have up to 40 minutes deep sleep a night, with short bursts of dreaming in-between. Like i said i wake up a lot, so on my app it shows my mind score is 81% and Deep body recharge is 33%.
So what can i do about this? Along with the tracker and sleep activities on the app, you also have your very own S+ Mentor who helps you along the way with any tips, tricks, and motivational positivity to help you remember that your progress is doing well!

For Example: My S+ Mentor message this morning was;
‘Wonderful! You woke up less last night! Let’s see if you can have an even better night tonight. Having a hot shower or bath an hour and a half before bed helps you sleep deeper ad lowers the number of times you wake. If you don’t have a bath, find a spa or gym that stays open late with a good jacuzzi.’

I find these so handy and moves me so much to make sure tonight’s sleep is even better! This is a good amount of mentoring, not just a sentence to say ‘Yes, your getting more sleep at night’. Its very detailed and personalised to actually help me sort my time out before i go bed.

If you find during the day you have time to have relaxing break then they do have a soundtrack of different types of sounds to help you meditate, breathe, sit or even whilst your on the train!

I have been so happy and a lot more awake since using the S+! I cannot believe what i have found out and how my sleep has progressed with the help of this clever product.


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