So what’s the plan?

Hello everyone, I’m back! Ready to work harder than ever to carry on my blogs story. The last chapter on my blog has been extremely quiet. I apologise.

Its been a tough couple of months with lots of things happening, with ups and downs. Figuring out where I want to take my life, how I want every day to be and little (and big) changes which are going to be happening.
For example waking up ten minutes earlier to have time to sit and drink hot water diffused in fresh lemon followed with the gym when I can. Taking that extra time to improve my instagram, blog and myself.

Slowly everything is falling into place; so what’s the plan?

Three years time I would have liked to of moved out into my own little home with my boyfriend, and each month till then buying one or two bits to make our home beautiful whilst cosy. Expect my pinterest to be changing a lot!

” Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”

Narrow down the skincare to a structured routine to suit me and my skin. Right now I’m loving oil cleansers, and hydrating creams with a retinol treat once a week as they suit my skin the best!

I am sure that the best pathway for my next chapter with Not-Another is to make it more fashion and life related. This suits my work life, my interests and I can really experiment with photography and story telling.

Looking after myself is going to be a big part of this change. Taking vitamin c/zinc tablets along with hair, nails and skin tablets have been helping my skin to glow and healthier!

I want to take the gym more seriously, I’m really interested in finding out ways I can work to enhance and improve my fitness and body. Not just running on that machine the whole time because I’m too scared to try the other facilities.

So I hope you can come along on my journey with me on improve not only my blog but myself! (No-one will know if I go get pizza yeah?) Lets start afresh tomorrow!


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