How i’ve been getting ready for holiday | Healthy Body

My holiday is just a couple weeks away now and the last few months have been a case of adding a few habits to ensure I am ready to look and feel confident. I wanted to find other ways as well as just eating healthy and exercise.

Dry brushing was introduced to me by a work friend and I went straight out and bought a dry brush from Boots. Dry brushing the skin towards the heart helps to remove dry dead skin, whilst helping with cellulite and blemishes. Since doing this I’ve actually found shaving my legs has been a lot less hassle free with no rashes and a cleaner, closer shave.

I bought a FitBit about two months ago and its been really helping to track my movements, drinking and eating goals as I’ve been obviously eating healthier, but I have been mainly concentrating on making my meal portions smaller because I have that stubborn belly fat due to (that chocolate cake!) Eating a lot of big portions!

I have been working out my vitamin intake. Sadly after my whole life of being Hay fever free, this year I am the chosen one so I now take a tablet for that. Along with this I take Vitamin C with Zinc which has been helping for my glowing skin. I’ve recently starting with Vitamin B Complex because I found I was getting tired very easily due to my uneven sleep pattern (Thanks Fit Bit for telling me!) But I only take this when I haven’t had my morning coffee. My favourite tablet to take is my Biotin for having longer hair, harder nails and better skin. I used to be on 2000mg but now upped to 5000mg and seen a big difference in especially my hair growth!

I have been taking a step back. Sounds funny I know, but I haven’t had the need to always to input every thought into a conversation, listening more and just adding necessary comments. Along with not feeling like I have to squeeze as much as possible into each day. I feel now I can have a slow sunday morning or a movie night without the feeling of missing the day! The outcome of this has made me feel so much healthier and fresher. I can take my time and breathe now and again.

These are a few things I’ve been changing but like the obvious things like working out and healthy eating has been struggling as I wanted the opposite but just by changing them into easier and more rewarding experience has made it so much easier!


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