I’ve moved!

The move has finally arrived. After along time thinking, researching the migration from Blogger to WordPress and being inspired by Not Lamb I went to Pipdig to help with the big move.

I was told that WordPress has so many more features and facilities which blogger doesn’t have, they sure were right! Although there is a lot more to learn it means that my content will become more creative!

I’m so excited to be here with my newly designed blog which I’m so happy with. You’ll see my blog come alive within the next few months while I play and get used to the new set!

Id like to say a big thank you so Not Lamb for recommending Pipdig to migrate me to wordpress and to Pipdig for saving my blog from blogger. This service is so easy to do as Phill did everything for me to ensure I wasn’t to loose anything. This confetti was honestly everywhere, i couldn’t open it for ages, you have to twist it hard to burst the confetti bomb but also looking cute for a photo without looking terrified but all of a sudden it went off and it made me just out of my skin! Okay this didn’t work very well because i still look absolutely shocking.

I’d love to add how fun but loud this rose gold confetti cannon was, We found confetti everywhere for days!

To give my blog a fresh ‘summer clean‘ I have also cleaning my wardrobe so we are on to a jolly good start with Not Another’s future with lots of posts, more social media interaction and better content. I look forward to having a running blog which many people can read to improve their day or to learn something new or even just have a read with a coffee.

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