Why ‘Instagram Blogging’ is adventuring to our screens

I don’t know completely what my thoughts are on ‘Instagram Blogging’ but one thing I can witness from it honestly, is that its killing bloggers websites. Personally since Instagram blogging has adventured on our screens, people can’t really be bothered to go on to an actual website when you can just read what you need at a scroll of a finger! Which I totally understand, but for anyone who doesn’t know what on earth I’m on about then

There is a new way of blogging in town called ‘Instagram Blogging’ its where you upload an array of photos on Instagram and in the description below basically write a smaller version of a blog post.

Bloggers who write on a blog post such as what your reading now is full of love, attention to detail. Every little thing on a blog has had time and energy spent to make the blog what it is.

‘Instagram is sadly taking away the classic art of a blog post where we can create a beautifully looking post for others to read.’

Keep an eye out for a future post of a blog post in the life where I will be telling you exactly how much goes into one blog post. Instagram is sadly taking away the classic art of a blog post where we can create a beautifully looking post for others to read. Its not just uploading a photo and writing a quick memo.

I will admit I do love a good in-depth instagram post which I will find on Instagram at a touch on a button, this is why I don’t know exactly what I think about it all! I love that I can add a bit of extra information and personal touch to my posts as sometimes it’s hard to describe what you want to write in a quick sentence.

What are your thoughts on the new ‘Instagram Blogging’?

Shop the look:

This was based in a lovely beach setting with a beautiful community feel. You get to the area by a tiny boat which holds around 20 people. I decided to go for quite a casual look with a pair on ripped shorts, a blue cami top tucked in at the front to reveal a classic belt I found on Asos. Of course to finish the look I’ve got my trusty wedges on, along with a ted baker bow necklace. I have recently been using the St Tropez purity tan and its so nice for that summer glow!


  1. October 10, 2018 / 9:04 am

    Being an Instagram addict, I’ve not heard of Instagram Blogging before. But totally get the concept, Instagram is certainly my first port of call if I want to see the latest trends or just have a nosy at what people are up to. But, I love blogging it is something not just for others to read but a diary and record of events in my life.
    Love those shoes by the way.

    • October 10, 2018 / 2:20 pm

      Ah yeah its becoming a big thing in the blogging world and completely understand why but i just don’t want people to forget our blogs as we put our heart and soul in to them. Thank you! Great H&M find that one! xx

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