Anon Calligraphy Workshop Experience

I have been really into Modern Calligraphy, so i’ve been trying to learn with a different style of pens to get used to writing. Last month i went to a Modern Calligraphy Workshops with Anon Designer which changed my Calligraphy life!
I was part of a group of five lovely women where we had tea and cake throughout the workshop to help us along our Modern Calligraphy journey. We were presented with a clipboard consisting of a easy read workbook which we could take home and use as i know i am one for forgetting certain techniques as soon as i try at home so the easy workbook is really helpful to refer back to. I also loved that we were given a pen, nib and ink to start so we can take home the equipment we were using in the workshop at home and experiment with different medias as we progress.
She taught us one to one to show us each step, and how to hold ourselves whilst we write as this makes a huge difference just by holding you pen straight and turning your paper. It was a lovely experience as it was a relaxed way in learning, our own speed and if we wanted to learn certain words or letter styles then she would assist us to fit. Many of us were learning to be able to write and make our own Christmas card this year.
I felt so confident after even an hour practising, it was great to take my interest to a new level, as since practising at home i feel like my Christmas cards this year will be beautiful! We had a whole morning of writing, learning and just having a general chat, along with regular breaks with the most amazing cake to reline the brain as writing Calligraphy can be quite tense because you use a lot of concentration.
I haven’t been asked to write this post, i throughly enjoyed the morning and when i drove home i was so happy and inspired in so many ways! I bought a few extra inks at the workshop along with the writing pad to be able to writing a little every day to get even more confident. Anon also hold another workshop where they pick the most beautiful setting where you take an amazing yoga session to detox the mind and body, walk along the beach followed by the Calligraphy course looking out at the beautiful View!

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