What’s in my handbag | Winter Edition

I am working on a collab with the lovely Beth from LaBlogBeaute, I’m delighted to show you my latest tour of my new handbag! 

I have recently treated myself to a new Carvela handbag which i fell in love when seeing a friend have it. What drew me to it was how sturdy the whole bag was as with previous bags it is so hard to open and close the bag. The print isn’t my normal choice but i was really drawn to it when in this classic, chic style. I have realised i can fit EVERYTHING and the cat in here! It’s small but so big when you start filling it.

‘Sometimes i will wear a bag as it is, other times i will dress it with a silk scarf depending on the outfit choice’

I have seen matching purses but i also would like to maybe find a luggage tag to dress it up, seeming the whole pompom keyring is slowly disappearing from latest trends. Sometimes i will wear a bag as it is, other times will dress is with a silk scarf depending on the outfit choice. I keep things quite organised in this bag as it is fairly a sold rectangle so things can sit up against the side to keep everything in easy reach. 

I was struggling for years with a massive purse because they are so heavy, so i decided to keep my coupons and cards for some stores in a small coin purse, then i have an app on my phone to store my store cards so now i have a small Ted Baker purse to hold change and cards.

My beloved Chilly bottle happily sits at the side or place on top, it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12. I love to have a cup of tea each cold morning then refilling with ice cold water after, to help me to keep motivated throughout the day to drink more water.

The little kit i will always have my bag includes essentials like Paracetamol, nail files, mirror, sanitary pads, deodorant. Each day i will add the lipstick I am wearing for the day to touch up throughout the day’ I touch my face a lot throughout the day so i little makeup retouch is a must. A bronzer and concealer makes it to the bag often. 

‘Each day i will add the lipstick i am wearing for the day to touch up throughout the day’

I’ll admit i will change up the contents of my bag depending on the season, day or occasion. So i often add sunglasses, gloves and maybe even some extra makeup to change a look from day to night if i’m going out in the evening. I do fill my handbag to the maximum and slowly regret it throughout the day when it’s so heavy!

What do you keep in your handbag? Do you change it up seasonally?

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