How i’m keeping warm this Winter

How i’m keeping warm this Winter

I don’t know about you but when colder months pass by I struggle with trying to keep warm along with also being semi stylish that it looks like I’ve make an effort.

This year especially I have been trying extra hard to purchase and style prices together accordingly, sometime layering and others with a thick coat to keep extra warm as I’m feeling the cold more and more now – Maybe I’m just getting old!

I would love to show you a few ways I’ve been outfit planning and how I find different ideas to layer up this winter. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have had a sneak peak at a few of these already!

This is one of my go to outfits, a big coat with added fur to give the outfit a bit more texture whilst having a belt to hold my scarf, this is a new look for me as I wanted to find a different way to break up the scarf from just dropping down straight. I’ll often mix up the shoes depending on the weather or what I’m doing.

I’ve been obsessing over pinafores this year as layering under a long sleeved top keeping me warm whilst adding a different alternative to the outfit. I’ve also found putting jumpers underneath for those extra chilly days but I also find it shows a different shape to your body having it slightly baggy or bigger on the body tighter on the sleeves.

My famous love/hate coat made it out this season. My fur coat has so many mixed reviews because yes it’s big and sassy, but sometimes I love that! Other times it totally isn’t appropriate and fur will always be in your mouth, food everywhere!

I often find I where the same scarf, this is my Linea cashminx scarf but I love that it’s a fraction on the price of the Burberry one. When wearing this coat I do wear my hair up with my extensions as I find that the big hair mixed with the big coat is very OTT so this just gives a sleek look.

Finally for my adventure days I will always grab my trusty yellow coat. It’s extremely warm so I can’t just wear a small jumper with it. I go very basic with this look with jeans and trainers and I like to jazz up the look by adding a silk scarf round my pony tail.

How do you keep warm? Do you layer? Or do you like to just look good and don’t mind getting a little chilly!



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