Top 10 products | Winter Edition

Top 10 products | Winter Edition


My latest Winter look has been all about the glowy, fresh finish to the skin and adding more of a statement lipstick to boost the natural femininity and fun of the face. Whilst looking around for a foundation upgrade i found that my skin wasn’t so plumped as it’s been, so i decided to scrape back to the start with skincare. Since doing this i have found my skin feeling fresh, radiant and quite frankly doing the work for me, allowing me to add the touch of glowy foundation to enhance and tone any discolouration within the skin.

Once a week | Saying bye to those dead skin cells and hello new skin!

When i booked myself in for an Origins facial i was introduced to Modern Friction, which has now changed my skincare life. I have used scrubs in the past which scratch at the skin, although i do love to feel my scrub doing something, i want it to be gentle and calming.

I was using this wet at first and it wasn’t doing it for me so i went back and asked if i could change how i’m using it and was prompted to use it dry at first, let the rice do the work then adding the water to massage the product in further and deeper. Changing my application worked wonders, even my boyfriend loves it! It feel like a new skin, soft, comfortable as well as seeing great results on my nose with blackheads.

Another way i will exfoliate my skin is with a the Pixi Retinol Toner because it will remove any dead skin cells with an easy swipe of a cotton pad but just ensure you wear a good sun cream as it will make it very sensitive to the sun (I will use the Alpha SPF 50 cream as it sinks right in and doesn’t draw out any moisture. I use this only when my skin texture is bad and need more of a treatment to help this as it is fairly strong.

‘Leaving my skin refreshed and giving me that cold feeling you get when your skin feels so free and comfortable’

Twice a day | Brush the teeth and cleanse the face!

I like to get into the habit of brushing my teeth and following with cleansing the face, it means you aren’t going to forget one without the other because if i fall asleep without taking my makeup off then i will end up waking up in a panic half way through the night and running to the sink.


‘Since doing this i have found my skin feeling fresh, radiant and quite frankly doing the work for me’

I am currently switching between two, one being the Dior gentle cleansing oil which melts away my makeup and the main reason i am in love with this is because it doesn’t make my eyes blurry for half an hour like some other oils.

The other i use often is my trusty Lancome Foam Cleanser, every morning i will splash my face with this and i can feel my skin thanking me for the extra hydration leaving my skin refreshed and giving me that cold feeling you get when your skin feels so free and comfortable.

I bought my boyfriend Super Facialist Salicylic Acid wash which i also borrow (He uses my scrub so it’s only fair right?) when i have a few breakouts from flights, pollution or just general stress which i find treats the blemishes really well and fairly fast too.

And relax… | You deserve a pamper!

Facemasks are my little obsession which i sadly never find time to reach for one. I try to make me-time a part of each week of mine, where i will pop on a mask and read a magazine or book. Recently my favourite masks have been an Origins Sheet Mask (which are incredible for a fiver!)/ Sephora sheet masks (Which Dayna bought me from America!) and having different types of masks for each skin concern, type or treatment. Along with the Guerlain Honey Mask, which mostly speaks for itself, honey has healing powers, brightening, and just generally repairing the skin to enhance your natural beauty whilst also smelling beautiful.

I learned at my Origins Facial to use a serum underneath a facemask to help it sink into the skin and boosting the mask. I have loved the Decléor Néroli oil serum because it’s very hydrating which will help the radiance and plumping the skin that i am looking for.


Moisturise | Hydration is Key

I have flicked through many moisturisers but currently i am loving the Dior Hydra Life Sorbét as it’s a light gel texture which falls straight through the skin and goes great together when mixing with my Decléor oil to create an extra glowy base for my foundation.

Body | Don’t forget the rest!

It’s the small things right? Well i feel so pampered and luxurious when i use the Dove shower foams in the shower, just the whole pumping a tiny amount of product out onto your hand and it covering our whole entire body making you feel so clean and refreshed. I feel so much cleaner and happier after a shower when using this than i do when using a normal shower gel.

What are your favourite products for your skin? How many products do you use a day?




  1. February 7, 2019 / 10:01 am

    I always spend so much time and effort worrying about my face getting dry in the winter, but I forget about my body so often! I really need to get better at applying body lotion every day xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    • March 18, 2019 / 12:29 pm

      Oh me too! I try and push myself to apply body lotion as much as i can but i am often too cold to wait and just want to get into my warm pj’s! xx

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