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Outfit details: Jacket – Zara, Turtle neck – New Look, White Jeans – M&S, Slip on’s  – Fat Face, Over the shoulder bag – Carvela.

I’m a bit slack when it comes to my skincare routine. It often follows by the excuses of ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘i’ve only put on some concealer and mascara, it’ll be fine!’. To try and tackle this, at the beginning of the year i decided to fall back into love with skincare again as i do love hearing about the newest launches of the beauty industry, the words ‘glowing’ and ‘hydra’ really grab my attention but some days i do love a ‘rich’ or ‘intense’ interests me, depending on how my skin is treating me that morning.

Going back to falling back into love with skincare. In January i went on the hunt for the newest launches, or classics which interested me. I went and tried them out in stores to give them a go to see if it made my skin drool and scream to be used. It was interesting to find that hydrating products are coming back into the industry better than ever, with hydration comes gorgeous glowing skin which pulls through makeup helping the days when you don’t want or need to wear much makeup. Here’s what caught my attention and i’ve been trying for the past few months, and i’ve been loving it!


I have probably been through two pots of this since the new year, i absolutely love how hydrating this cream is. Being a gel consistently it sinks straight into the skin and just gives the skin a boost of energy and brightness. I love this for day to day where i want an easy pop on and go.


This is my luxury cream which i will often save for when my skin some extras TLC where it’s a bit dull, dry or textured as this is a rich consistency, where you will feel it on top of the skin for a little while whilst is draws in the skin, but it’s totally worth it because it will transform your skin, smoothing any texture, adding some extra glow. I believe that this is the same consistency as the Glossier Moisturising Rich cream, but i’ve never tried it but i feel like it would be a good dupe to this as it is quite expensive.


Sunglasses –  Marc Jacobs, Specsavers, Earrings – Accesorize, Lipstick – 545 Rouge Dior.



Before using this eye cream i found that when i popped any concealer under my eyes it would sit in the lines and dry. Since i have been applying this under and above my eye i have seen that my concealer sits comfortably and looks so hydrated which is giving the illusion that it’s brighter and lighter underneath, hiding those dreaded dark circles.


I do get a lot of texture on my forehead and i find it really annoying when i apply foundation this area because it sits slightly heavy so i do use a light retinol product twice a week to help this followed by an SPF as it makes your skin quite sensitive to UV light after using retinol products. I love how gentle this is as i have used some retinol products in the past where they have destroyed my skin a little which is obviously showing they were a bit strong for my skin. I just pop some on a cotton pad twice a week in the evenings and push the product in to my forehead only as the rest of my skin doesn’t need it.

This is a mini round up of my favourite products, where i find that i see a difference in my skin whilst keeping it hydrated and glowy. What products are you loving and makes you feel like your looking after yourself? 


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