From one Blogger to Another: Blogging Hacks’

Blogging setup

Beth from La Blog Beautè and I were having a discussion last week on how we can take blogging to a new level, sharing our tips and hacks on doing this. 


We found that the main thing was obviously time, it takes a while to produce, say a blog post because for me it takes an hour to brain dump the ideas, thoughts and how I am going to take all the ideas to progress into a post, followed by an hour here and there to write the actual post, spell checking, reading over a few times to make sure it all makes sense, let alone when you have to wait for the lighting to be A-Okay that it’s not too sunny but even, steady light that your photos don’t end up with that dazzling light in one corner, lastly having time to sort all those last few areas to ensure your SEO is on top form to maximise your blog post. 


I kind of touch in this in the last one but I’ll start with lighting seeming we were on that topic. Those typical Instagram photos are often at ‘Golden Hour’ which is when the sun is halfway to setting. For blog photos I actually find this amazing for outfit photography but when it comes down to flat lays or product photos it’s too dazzling and sharp for the camera, a soft mid-day light is beautiful as it keeps that light airy look through the whole photo. Another thing is that less is often more when it comes to photography especially for product photos, space often let’s the eyes draw in around the photo instead of getting overwhelmed with craziness.

Plants are a great way of adding some texture to your images, whilst making it more realistic. Any sort of props or item can help warm a photo even if you add a cup of coffee into the mix! 


Twitter isn’t raved about enough for my liking I think it’s a great way of being known around the blogging world as often you will feel slightly lost between the hundreds of bloggers out there. Getting involved in the blogger chats, regular hashtags and tweeting every now and again. Tweeting at the busy times with your latest post can help alot around the 6:30/7pm mark is great as it’s when people get home, have dinner and sit on there phones for the evening. 

I used to be so good at this but I need to do this more regularly to keep myself out there and seen more around the feed. 


We had a long discussion about Pinterest, as we both have both had a little go at it but never really found it useful. We are currently doing a lot of research in this area to help boost traffic to our sites. At the moment I am in the process of creating lots of pinterest posts and uploading them linking back to the related post. 


Beth recently showed me this app a while ago and it is hands down the best app I’ve ever tried for graphic design, for literally any creating your doing. Whether it’s for a Instagram story, a pinterest post, or a blog photo it’s very versatile for your imagination to go wild! I recently used it for my headers and media kit and it was so easy to use! 


Well, you don’t need an awful lot to set up a blog but I do love a few gadgets here and there to help me out. You could just use your phone and you’ll be perfectly fine which I’ll do on the go, waiting for the train, etc but I will often which between my tablet and Macbook to write at home or work as I will often be inspired everywhere I go. Every app I use works on all the items I have which is great for linking up all your ideas, documents and photos, for example, I will use Google docs to get hold of my posts where I am, so I can add to them if needed. 

Right, I’m off for a pamper now, hope you enjoyed this little hacks post! Have a gorgeous day!


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