Things I’m loving

Things I’m loving



I’ve been finding that my style and taste has been changing recently, from fine tuned to more laid back. I used to love having everything pristine and on point, not saying that i don’t love having my stationary still matching but just having fewer items, for example my wardrobe or accessories but maybe more higher end and special. I’d rather spend more on items, designers i admire rather than loads of cheaper and less quality items. Of course i love a bargain like the next one! (Like the sunnies you’ll see in the photos!)

On the conversation about my newest buy are these Primark sunglasses, i have seen these Vera slim glasses becoming in the latest trends with Rihanna rocking them a lot, but then again what doesn’t she look fabulous in! These black slim glasses have a slight cat eye on the edges and actually look okay for everyday life. I did think they were more of a costume accessory when i first picked them up, not having many options to wear them. Also not to mention the price at £2. They are a must have for those Insta trends!



Regarding beauty, i am obsessed with a few items which i haven’t stopped reaching for. I had been hunting around for Alex Steinherr products since the launch and finally found off guard in Amsterdam earlier this year and due to only taking hand luggage i could only get a couple products but i’m so glad i grabbed the Eye mask because i have seen the biggest difference since using it every night, they are so hydrated also my under eye circles are massively reduced.

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I’ve loved the Lancome hand cream for years and dug it back out, still loving it! Anotherproduct i dug out was the Prai Ageless neck cream and i again i have missed it dearly from my skincare routine as my neck’s texture is so much smoother as like most people I often neglect the neck!

On to makeup and a recent launch for Dior was their relaunch of the classic Forever foundation, i have the matte one but i actually think its more of a satin matte, glow, but i still love it especially in Summer as rather than having that sweaty look,  it gives that natural glow on the skin, Stays on the face all day, what more do you want! What i’ve been pairing with this on Sunny days is a glossy lip and i have been obsessing over the ProLouise lip gloss, it adapts to your skin tone so it suits every makeup look and style, although it is slightly sticky when it’s windy!



As soon as Estee Lauder launched their Beautiful Belle perfume, i was actually surprised as it was something a little different for them. I feel in love with it straight away as it is such a pretty smelling perfume, being sweet and floral plus my mum will often call me Hannabelle which is another reason i just had to have it.

Last item i have been loving is a gift from my blogging friend Dayna. I don’t really have a select style but i would love to narrow it down a bit so when i shop i can instantly know if I’m going to like it and its not going to be one where it sits in my wardrobe … The Curated Closet has been a book which I’ve taken my time to read and think about how I’m going to put this into place so i can make it work for me whilst letting a few wild card items enter my style!


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