Makeup Rainy Day Edit

Ooh how exciting Autumn is just around the corner! With those rainy days our makeup often likes to disappear like Summer. I struggle anyway with my makeup staying on so with the rain making an appearance, i might as well say goodbye to my makeup before i’ve even left the door!

“Beauty is overrated if it washes off in the rain”

Having tried all the different types of primers, foundations i have settled for these as my top products to help. After trying various products, i was determined to find something which wasn’t thick and super matte as i don’t like the heavy look for day to day. Recently the fresh glowy look has been right up my street!



I think the hardest part was finding base products which weren’t too matte and thick as during the colder seasons i prefer to add layers to my outfits than my face, allowing my skin to breathe. I also wanted something that wasn’t going to slide off my face after an hour in the rain. After loving the Glossier skin tint since the launch, surprisingly i liked the look it gave as raindrops fell as it just added to the glossiness. I had the same effect using the Glossier Stretch Concealer as it’s a very dewy product which has great staying power so i was very happy when it rained that it just gave my makeup even more glow. For those days when i needed a heavier, matte base i use the Dior Undercover as its semi waterproof.

I think i would have to say that bronzer is my favourite product but when it came to bronzers in wet weather it was shocking! The powder would end up so patchy when mixed with water, which was when i dug out a product i used to be obsessed with! The Soleil Tan De Chanel which i know stays in place all day as its a cream product so there’s no need to worry about it budging! Talking about non-powdered products i picked up a cheap highlighter when i was away a while ago and it is actually an amazing product for everyday as it’s quick and easy to apply whilst setting in place – so no moving on a blustery day!

I don’t really wear waterproof mascara but i’ve always loved Pump and Volume and since they have brought out the waterproof version i have more of a love for it as it’s not as clumpy as the old one, plus we aren’t going to experience any of those running mascara moments! 

Lastly to brighten the look i love applying Chanel lip and cheek stain as staying with these creamy products seem to be a win win situation for me. I have used this so much for the past year or so and it looks like I’ve barely touched it. I especially love this colour as its very bright but after using a little bit, it brighten up the face along with keeping that glow which comes from the Skin tint along with a pop of pink liquid lipstick from Dior which sets on the lips, it’s so pigmented and such a lovely colour.

What do you wear on a rainy day?


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