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Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Beth from LaBlogeaute and I are here to show our bedside table essentials! As you know we spend half our life in bed so I love to have my bedside essentials and things I love and will help my sleep situation. It can often appear quite messy at first glance but I don’t mind as I know it’s full of all my favourite things to help me wake up and fall asleep.

Let’s get started! So the bottom drawer is not worth talking about due to it being my dumping ground, we all have one of ‘man drawers’ – even us women!

The top drawer has four plugs in which i like to charge any gadgets like my phone, camera … I loved it when i saw this idea on Pinterest as it hides all my cables as that’s one of my biggest pet peeves when I walk in and cables is the first thing your eyes are drawn to. I like to try and keep no more than the four cables for each plug and nothing else so it’s easier to reach every thing.

Let’s start with my chilly bottle, I love this one because it has the old chilly log along with peaches all over. Isn’t it funny how we are often the most parched in our lives in the middle of the night! I will also have a notebook or something similar to write down those amazing ideas which come to me in the middle of the night then forget as I awake! 

There are a few products I love to keep at hand for my skin to marinate whilst im catching ZZZ’s and to help me sleep. The number one product that everyone raves about when sleep is mentioned is This Works Sleep spray as it has ingredients like lavender in to make me a bit dozy. I love the action of spraying it over my pajamas and bedding to make my brain think that it’s time to settle now. Whilst I’m doing this I will ask my new Alexa dot ‘Play some sleep rainforest sounds’ and I find it better than playing something on my phone otherwise I will just end up sat on Instagram for hours on end. 

On to some beauty products, I am in love with just popping a bit of ‘Facial in a stick’ by Alessandra Steinherr before applying my favourite night cream which at the moment is the Origins ‘Night-a-mins’ as in the morning i find my skin is so much calmer and radiant with this combo. Finishing with some Dior hand cream to protect my hands for the night.

If I’m after a midnight read i always keep a few magazines or books on my bedside table to grab and have a gander through. I normally get the most inspiration late at night or first thing in the morning so I like to make sure this is always kept full of books that interest me at the time.

What do you have by your bedside table for those sleepy moments?



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