What I’m seeing from the trends this Autumn


After having a gander over a few magazines, fellow bloggers and retail, I have been starting to get a feel for what’s hot this Autumn. This is definitely my favourite time of the year. Cosy nights, spiced hot drinks, log fires and the Autumnal leaves that are scattered everywhere.

I think the Poncho coat is actually coming back into the trends! Better get my black poncho from TU Clothing back out under from under my bed where it’s been hiding for the past few years since my college years.

You know those socks boots which were a big thing a couple years ago – yep, they’ve come back around! Luckily I kept mine which I love as they are so comfortable and easy to pair with every outfit. This year it seems to be that they are often being complimented by midi dresses with giving the look some height, especially for people like me who are short and would take height any day! 

Luckily animal print still greets us this Autumn so i can dig out those leopard print items which have hidden it’s way to the bottom of the pile. I think I may buy a couple of snake type skin additions but I find it hard to keep it looking classy. 

I feel like the florals we’ve been wearing throughout Summer can still be used but just layered which I always love doing. Layers are such an easy way to look like you’ve spent plenty of time putting together your outfit together but really you did it in ten minutes. 

Again, like every year knitwear continues to be around this time of year, which is great because I think it is one of my favourite things to buy as there are many different styles now rather than the basics (Which don’t get me wrong are still a great classy look). Some have wide sleeves to alter the shape of that classic silhouette whereas some have a cinched-in waist and a wide neckline to drape across the shoulders. 

Whilst I was searching around I found a few items which caught my eye which I thought I’d share with you. I’ve popped a link as you click on the photo so it will bring you straight to the item. I’d love to hear what’s caught your eye this Autumn as I’m always on the look for new fresh ways to update my wardrobe.





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