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It all started when two close friends thought of the next best thing ‘alcoholic tea’ called NOVELTEA and I am definitely hooked! When you say gin and tea in the same sentence you’ve got my attention straight away but when I heard of this I was intrigued to actually give it a go because the two together isn’t a thing I’ve tried before so I was very excited! I couldn’t wait to enjoy this experience.

You could enjoy this as a hot cuppa one cosy night, sat in front of a crackling fire, curled in a blanket with a friend or in a gin glass with ice and a garnish. With this high-quality loose leaf Earl Grey tea blended with expertly-crafted gin ensures your night is going to be incredible.

If you love tea then you will be in love with this exclusive gift set as it comes with a super cute tea pot which let’s the tea and gin infuse within each other. After 2-3 minutes you’ll encounter a beautiful swirl of sweet and warming moment where as soon as I tried it I just couldn’t stop, it’s something I have never had before it’s so unique, it definitely made my night more delightful!

If you prefer the colder gin version, add some ice and garnish, mint or lime really compliments it. Having the chilled option makes the gin more intense, making it more of a beautiful drink to have with a bunch of friends and a good old natter.

Other options you could choose from is another exclusive gift set including three different NOVELTEA alcoholic teas which is a great way to try them all. It includes Oolong Tea with whisky, Green Mint Tea with Rum, and the one I have which is Early Grey and Gin. I do love these different options rather than wine, cocktails and other ordinary alcohol options as these are so warming at the same time, giving more of a relaxed environment.


NOVELTEA have kindly gifted me another gift set so one of you can experience the world of alcoholic tea! All you need to do is:

Comment below whether you would have it as a hot tea or as a cold gin?

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