My 5 Favourite Autumn Lip and Eye Products

I do love these beautiful colours which are greeting our screens recently. Autumn is full of rich burgundy and orange colours that make me feel warm and cosy inside. I’d love a fireplace, hearing that crackle with a glimpse of a dancing flame by my side whilst I’m writing but inside I’m sat at my kitchen table with a cup of tea and my cat next to me in her heated hammock (yes, she is one pampered floof!). We decided showing our top 5 products we are loving this Autumn would be perfect to get us in that warm, fuzzy mood. I am so excited to be collaborating with Beth from LaBlogBeaute on this post be sure to visit her blog to hear what her favourite products are for Autumn!

The past year I have been absolutely in love with makeup, well I never stopped loving it, I just love it more than ever now. Trying out different colour combinations and textures have been fun to mix up each morning. Seeming it’s getting colder I like mire pigmented shades along with going a little darker as I think we can get away with it this season.

I have been definitely grabbing the warmer shades in my collection and it definitely has to be the Naked Heat Palette as i find that every shade compliments each other within the palette. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the Naked palette then the Rimmel Magnifeyes Spice Edition as it’s such a good dupe as the shade range is so similar along with high pigment like the Naked Palette. Popping a layer of shimmering rose gold over a matte berry shade gives a look so much definition and with both these palettes this can easily be achievable.

Oranges seem to be colour which can put people on edge, but this year I have really found a love for it. Clothing, lipsticks, scrunchies the lot! When it comes to lipsticks I am in love with the brightest orange you can get, with this Dior Addict Liquid Lipstick in shade Coral Shot , I find that it turns slightly darker when it dries and it gives me that pop of colour. with other liquid lipsticks I have tried, they get quite drying and crumbly, but with this one I can apply this one and it will stay on for a few hours, top it up at lunchtime just to intensify the colour.

I know, I know, two Dior lipsticks in one post but I just couldn’t choose between them! This is a beautiful burnt orange, red shade, Dior Ultra Rouge in shade 436 are an extended part of the Rouge Dior family, with added skincare benefits and in a balm form. Doesn’t this just scream Autumn, I love that intense red but mixed in with that dark, rustic orange makes any makeup look amazing. This doesn’t need a lipliner as it doesn’t bleed because it has that balmy texture so it holds in shape very well.

I rarely wear a strong, dark lip but when I do, I always grab my Charlotte Tilbury in the shade Night Crimson and I always think of it being my ‘strong independent woman’ lip and I can do anything I dream of, nothing holds me back when I wear this. I feel every woman needs this type of lipstick which makes them feel a little bit daring. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are to die for, that flawless texture and long wear makes it such an easy Chuck in your handbag product. I just use a lip liner just to keep the shape at bay.

Onto my last favourite, I call the a duo but they are just two singles from MAC in shades Vex and Cranberry Frost they compliment each other so well and I never wear one without the other. I was introduced to these two shades years and years ago back in 2010 maybe before? I am still madly in love with these. I normally only wear them around this half of the year but when I hit pan I’m worrying I’ll run out!

The swatches make the Dior Rouge look very red, I promise its more orange! What are your favourite products for Autumn? I’m sure I’ll find more products which I will fall in love with through these colder seasons. For now, I’m loving everything orange and intense. Also forget to follow @lablogbeaute for her Autumnal favourites!


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